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I'm an iOS developer who aims to combine the beauty of design with the logical perfection of coding. Training myself every day and pushing my own limits to discover new ways of creating a great experience for the users. Below are some examples of what i have accomplished.

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The Agpeya

The Coptic Orthodox Agpeya (Agpia), is a prayer book, "the book of hours". It contains prayers for 7 different hours to be said out throughout the day. The hours are chronologically laid out in a neat way, each containing a theme corresponding to events in the life of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Excellent program, beautiful intuitive UI taking you where you want instantly, painlessly and much faster than any other physical book, app or pdf. Accurate text and excellent developer with frequent updates, bug fixes and superb communication. Worth more than the price!!!!

Michael Cosman Sydney, Australia


Quiet time readings for each and every day of the year. Each day has an assigned reading from the bible along with a beautiful contemplation from the early church fathers.

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Finally an app with daily quiet time meditations in a streamlined and elegant user interface. Customizable, intuitive, and easy to use. I congratulate the developer for such a wonderful and exciting addition to the Church!

Mark Soliman United States, USA


This is an hymn app that allows you to sing along by reading the lyrics, dont know the tune? Some hymns have video attached to them so you can practise when your at home by watching and listening to the video as you scan the lyrics!!

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Well designed and presented app. Very impressed with the growing resource and the Hymn tunes available. Yes!

HarryRedSteps United Kingdom, UK


FarahPizza is a fully working demo application of an electronic loyalty card program to be used by customers of a restaurant. If you would like something similar to this app for your business, please contact us.

Mark Soliman United States, USA

Brain Cognition

An iPhone Application for assessment of cognitive impairment (Final Thesis Project). This app aims to support the Mini Mental State Examinaiton (MMSE) used by doctors to determine if a patient has some sort of cognitive impairment. It looks at mapping some of the traditional tests into more automated types of tests without losing integrity.

One of the best thesis projects I have ever have ever come across! Has some really good practical applications to the real world. Well done Michael.

Wayne Wobkye UNSW, Australia

Arc Publications

An iPhone/iPad app for UNSW Arc! The app is primarily used to connect Arc to Students, No more hunting around UNSW to find out what’s on (there’s heaps). This bad boy gives you campus news, uni event info and the latest copies (plus the old ones) of Blitz and Tharunka.

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Awesome application! Really helped my business flourish!

Melanie Richardson UNSW, Australia

Soccer Juggle

Like tapping games? Well this is just another one of those, the aim of the game is to keep the ball up by tapping it, as you get better, more balls fall from the sky, really challenging you! If you love soccer games then this is for you.

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This game is okay. It is fun but not easy. It is pretty hard one the second and third ball come into play. But it is fun and a little addictive. I would recommend it if you like tapping games.

Anonymus United States, USA